The artist behind the camera


Sean's passion for the arts ignited early in life, through drawing and they were some of the best doodling captivating squiggles showcased proudly on the Cady gallery, also known as the refrigerator. As he matured, Sean perceived the world as a symphony of light, lines, and emotions, inspiring his transition to photography as a medium for storytelling.


With an eye for the extraordinary in the ordinary, Sean collaborates with clients to craft breathtaking images that evoke emotion and captivate viewers. Photography isn't just his passion; it's his obsession.


For over fifteen years, Sean has embarked on creative adventures globally, enriching lives through his lens. His dedication extends to charitable endeavors, including Flashes of Hope and Children's Hospital, where he finds joy in revealing beauty and sharing smiles amid life's challenges.


Whether capturing commercial projects or intimate family moments, Sean seeks to uncover the essence of his subjects, exceeding expectations with each click. If you seek a visual storyteller, Sean eagerly awaits your call, ready to embark on new adventures with camera in hand and an open invitation to tea and dragon parties.


Reach out to Sean and let him bring your story to life. Have a splendid day!